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Trade Shows – Preparation is the key : How to manage the ‘before, after and during’ for the best outcome?
Dafna Rolls, CEO & Founder of DRolls Associates

One of the best offline methods to increase company sales is trade shows. Using online marketing methods is still highly valuable, but there is a lot of potential for B2B companies to increase their sales and revenues at trade shows when managed correctly. Preparations before the show: Emails &nda...
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How Can Language Solutions Help International Start-ups Enter in China?
Tomer Yehezkeli, Founder of Limpid Translations

Launching a business overseas can be both exciting and overwhelming. From concepts to concrete solutions, the process itself, until you get the results, includes failures and successes, making the journey all the more fulfilling.However, if you’re planning to enter the China markets, you need ...
Comparing Fundraising Practices by Start-ups in Japan and Israel
Peter Sugarman & Eliran Furman, Corporate Partners at Yigal Arnon & Co.

Unfortunately, most start-up companies are forced to spend far more time thinking about how to get funding than considering and evaluating who the investor is and what that might mean for them down the line. While the various funding sources could have a substantial impact on the future of a company...
Five Questions for Data Privacy and Security
Eli Greenbaum, Partner at Yigal Arnon & Co

Internet companies navigate through a flood of user data. These huge amounts of data present companies with fundamental strategic decisions – what user data should companies collect? How can the collected user data contribute to the business goals of the company? However a company decides to...
Are you China Ready???
Simon Weintraub, Partner at Yigal Arnon & Co

There is no question that China is a very exciting market to conquer. China is the second largest economy in the world and is no longer just a place to cheaply manufacture goods. China has become a world leader in innovation, particularly in AI technologies as well as auto-tech, fin-tech, clean-tech...
An Entrepreneur Becomes a Lawyer to Entrepreneurs
Matt Uretsky, Senior Associate at McCarter & English, LLP

Coming out of law school, I knew I wanted to work with the entrepreneurs and investors in the startup and venture capital community – the people that are shaping our global economy as we enter the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. I am an entrepreneurially-minded, creative person by ...
Hey Entrepreneurs!! A Simple Rule and Success will Follow
Ben Weiss, Managing Partner of CE Ventures

As a sports enthusiast who grew up in the era of American ice-hockey legend, Wayne Gretsky, the famous pearl of wisdom attributed to him has always stuck with me “you miss 100!% of all the shots you don’t take”. It is such a simple rule to follow and yet many of us find ourselves -...
In China, Silicon Valley and Wall Street are only 15 Min Away from Each Other
Yogev Oshaya, Vice General Manager of YQ Ventures

Most of the people in the west are quite familiar with Hong Kong, one of the financial capitals of the world. Hong Kong\'s unique history, geographic location, and its British heritage make it well known worldwide. But just across the border, in mainland China, something more significant is happenin...
'All the Tips You Need for Registering Your New Company in 2019'
Ron Hadar, CEO of Ettorney

In the next short article, we will review the important things & tips for all entrepreneurs that want to incorporate their venture and make it a real business in 2019. We will answer these questions: 1. How can you save 1,400 NIS in the registrar of company’s fees?2. How can y...
7 Tips for GDPR Compliance
Netanella Treistman, Partner at Yigal Arnon & Co.

Over the course of 2018, you probably heard – and received many emails – about a new privacy regulation. If you have a company, you have probably realized that the new regulation may affect your collection and processing abilities of personal data. This regulation is known as the GDPR, w...
The One Skill Founders Forget About That Can Make or Break You!!
Glenn Riseley, CEO, Chairman & Founder of Rialto Growth Partners

If you are developing a start-up there is one skill that will help you reach your potential faster - the ability to sell!! It’s a skill that comes more naturally to some people than others, but like any skill it can be developed. WHY DO YOU NEED IT? When the time comes to build your team and ...
Starting a Startup - Where to Start
Shira Teger, Associate at Yigal Arnon & Co.

A primer on the basic parameters to consider when establishing a startup in Israel This handbook was written for you: the entrepreneur with a dream. We want to help you turn your dream into a thriving reality by sharing our expertise with you. Throughout our years practicing law in Israel – ...
Starting a Startup: Where to Start - Part 4: Picking a Supporting Team
Shira Teger, Associate at Yigal Arnon & Co.

A primer on the basic parameters to consider when establishing a startup in Israel \r\nThis series was written for you: the entrepreneur with a dream. We want to help you turn your dream into a thriving reality by sharing our expertise with you.What follows is a series of articles outlining the bas...
How to Choose a UX Designer
Shai Granot, UX and Usability Expert

'A UX designer is like a good tourist guide. He will accompany you throughout all the development phases and help you cross areas of uncertainty. Choosing the right UX designer will accelerate your execution and increase your product's usability'A UX Designer accompanies you throughout all stages of...
Starting a Startup: Where to Start - Part 3: Division of Labor
Shira Teger, Associate at Yigal Arnon & Co.

A primer on the basic parameters to consider when establishing a startup in Israel \r\nThis series was written for you: the entrepreneur with a dream. We want to help you turn your dream into a thriving reality by sharing our expertise with you.What follows is a series of articles outlining the bas...
Starting a Startup: Where to Start - Part 1: Making it Official: Incorporation
Shira Teger, Associate at Yigal Arnon & Co.

A primer on the basic parameters to consider when establishing a startup in Israel \r\nThis series was written for you: the entrepreneur with a dream. We want to help you turn your dream into a thriving reality by sharing our expertise with you.What follows is a series of articles outlining the bas...
What exactly do we mean by Secondary
Nimrod Vromen

We all know (or at least we will allow ourselves to act as if we know) what an "Exit" is. We understand that by Exit we mean a transaction, in which the entrepreneurs and the investors of the company sell it (this has many different forms, the topic of which will be discussed in a different article)...
Preferred Shares - and the Preferred Rights they grant Investors
Nimrod Vromen

A share is a security which grants ownership in a portion of a company, the right to vote in shareholder meetings, and the right to participate in the distribution of dividends. In the beginning, most companies grant founders - being the first shareholders in the company - one class of shares, ordin...
Buy American, Hire American. That’s the spirit.
Jennifer Schear, Founding Partner of Schear Immigration Law Firm

On January 20, 2017, the Israeli and VC communities pushed the panic button. During the days and weeks leading up to, and following Trump’s inauguration, I received many an email from hysterical start-up CEO’s expressing concern about the impact of the new administration’s policies...
Choosing a Jurisdiction to go International
Maria Govorukhina, Commercial director at CIS Management B.V.

When you are starting a business, and there is already a brilliant idea in front of you, ready to be turned into magic, it is important to seize the moment and seriously think over the structure of your future business.What are your future goals?Where do you intend to grow?Which markets do you inten...
How Much Company Can You Buy for $1M?
Gidi Shalom Bendor, CEO of S-Cube

Following our last article, over the past 4 years, S-Cube has been conducting the only survey in Israel that is based on accurate data (from actual investment agreements), of over 400 capital financing rounds of Israeli start-up companies that are among S-Cube's clients. In this article, S-Cube will...
Connecting the Startup Nation to the Land Down Under
Omri Wislizki, Australian Landing Pad Manager at Austrade

If you have been reading the local Israeli tech news in the last 2 years, you could not have missed the news about the growing Israel Australia relationship, as both countries recognize their shared strategic interests in the future. Israeli companies and VC’s raising funds from Australian LP&...
Choosing the Right Startups for your Commercialization Program
Adir Zimerman, CEO and Co-Founder at SCREEMO

In a previous article, I concluded that commercialization programs are the best platform for cooperations between startups and corporates since it plays to the corporate strengths by giving access to their business units and creates a first mover advantage for the corporate running the program. In t...
“Give me “Market” or give me death!!”
Yisrael Spero, Advocate & Managing Partner

My firm just finalized another successful VC investment transaction. I should be happy, right? Well… guess what – I’m not.It’s not because we didn’t do a good job – since I believe we did. It’s not because the clients were a pain – because they really...
YTech Runway\'s Tipping Point Corner
YTech Editor

Welcome to YTech Runway's Tipping Point corner!This page is YTech's attempt at making The Tipping Point, a podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, aiming at helping entrepreneurs and innovators overcome obstacles that get in their way by sharing their knowledge with one another – available...
The Corporate Dilemma - Incubator? Accelerator? Or Commercialization Program?
Adir Zimerman, CEO and Co-Founder at SCREEMO

In previous years it was common for corporates to cooperate with startups through two means: corporate venture capital or via a strategic partnership. Today there are various different forms of corporate programs that can be found all around the world: incubators, accelerators, and commercialization...
5 Reasons Startups Win when Collaborating with Corporates
Adir Zimerman, CEO and Co-Founder at SCREEMO

As a startup, finding your first customers, the early adopters, that will test, validate and help you to iterate till perfection is hard. While the entrepreneurial instinct would say to start with a bottom-up approach beginning with small customers and working your way up to the top, I would like to...
3 Reasons Corporates Win when Working with Startups
Adir Zimerman, CEO and Co-Founder at SCREEMO

In order to keep up with evolving consumer needs and to stay relevant, corporates have to innovate. Or die. With innovation and risk-taking not being a fundamental component of a corporates ideology or methodology, they can only achieve this by building strategic relationships with partners who not ...
Startup Companies – Obtaining Venture Loan/Term Loan Credit
Itzik Lev, Partner and CFO at Nextage

Having served as the CFO of a number of Startups for over a decade, I have taken part in dozens of credit transactions, in an aggregate amount of hundreds of millions of dollars, with banks and other financial institutions (as further described below). We consistently obtained lines of credit of mil...
What does work? The human factor and its importance to a Startup’s success
Noa Matz, Founder of TeamDiligent

The most common and interesting question for entrepreneurs today (after 'how to get an investment') is ‘why Startups fail’ and how do they avoid falling to the painful and cruel statistics of startups graveyard. In 2014, a fascinating analysis was conducted at CBinsights, a tech market i...
Sorry, Finders...
Nimrod Vromen

A founder-CEO (let's call him Tom) just arrived at his first tech conference, together with his team. The company has been in stealth mode for the last 4 months developing VShopper, a platform that allows brands to create virtual shops on a template VR shopping experience, "Wix for VR" if you will.T...
Product Management Essentials: Corporate vs. Startup Prioritization
Ido Yablonka

IntroductionWhile Israel has been blessed with a remarkable engineering talent pool, surprisingly, it is only in recent years that the local software industry succeeded in bridging a significant gap regarding product management. This gap resulted, inter alia, from conceptual reasons - lack of manage...