2 Jun 13:00

Startup Fund Raising

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About this Event
For founders of a startup fund raising can consume much time and expense as well as be a great source of frustration. Questions such as when to fund-raise, how much funding should be solicited, which investors to approach and how to approach them frequently torment tech founders. This presentation is intended to help founders answer these questions, improve the probability of securing investment funds and illuminate a path towards more efficient fund raising. The presentation will commence with a Finance for Geeks 101 overview of basic concepts and principles of venture capital fund raising. Topics will then progress from formulating a fund-raising strategy, content and delivery of the various types of pitches and preparation of prospectus documents, including the investor deck.


About the Speaker
David Shelters possesses over twenty five years of entrepreneurial experience as a co-founder, board advisor and mentor to numerous tech start-ups in both America and Asia. For the past twelve years David has been an active community-builder and advocate in the Thai startup scene. Since January 2020 David has resumed his community-building efforts in the emerging Cambodian Startup community.


About the Organizer
Organized by Slash and HAK.

Slash is a Build Studio. We build remote, autonomous teams to help innovators develop software, products and hi-tech startups. We also build and invest in our own startups and commercialize them through joint ventures in ASEAN and Europe. Slash has headquarters in Singapore and community-oriented R&D hubs in Phnom Penh, Bali and Armenia. Get to know us more on slash.co.

HAK is a community initiative by Slash, to advance venture building, product and agile development practices. We release our weekly HAK podcast on venture building and corporate innovation, our regular blog posts and organize virtual events on the latest in tech & product skills with guest speakers. We hold physical events in Phnom Penh and and Bali for our communities there. Find out more on slash.co/hak.