23 Feb 17:00


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Taking place during NI Science Festival 2021 and as part 1 of a series of 3 interconnected events examining the diversity of talent and where we can expect technology growth to stem from in the UK, NI and beyond, with this first event focuses on how bias can be conscious, unconscious and AI-driven.

Delivered by Startacus and in partnership with Matrix, we will be learning more about how technology and AI can be a driving force for change, or otherwise.

We will also be finding out more about how big global companies are addressing the moral code of getting AI right (or not).

This 1 hr 15 min event features 1 Keynote, 1 Panel discussion and 1 relevant tech startup showcase.

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Dave Graham, a US-based technologist at Dell Technologies looking at how technology shapes the world and supporting their work within the World Economic Forum specifically around AI Governance. In addition, he is a PhD Candidate at UCD's SMARTLab where he's researching Data and its potential for social agency.

Deva Senevirathne, a computer scientist who works on designing and developing smart data analytical tools. She is also the co-founder of Sonrai Analytics, an award winning digital analytics company and a research fellow at QUB working in Cardiovascular, and Cancer research.

Gillian Armstrong, a Software Engineer for more than 15 years. She currently works in Liberty IT in Belfast, helping bring AI to the enterprise through hands-on architecting and building systems, as well as strategy and education. She is a passionate advocate of Ethical and Human-Centred AI, and has a fascination for how AI is changing the paradigms of Human-Computer Interaction.


About Startacus

Startacus makes startup and founder life easier, better and more connected. We do that by reporting on the startup news that matters, by partnering with brands and organisations that also care about technology and startups, and by organising, arranging and hosting events, pitch competitions, and evening socials that bring all those good people together - virtually at the moment of course! Get in touch with Alastair to find out how to collaborate with Startacus.

About Matrix

Matrix is an industry-led panel with the primary aim to champion the role of science and technology as one of the key drivers of economic growth in Northern Ireland. Matrix produces regular, in depth reports which outline the work, findings and recommendations of our specialist panels. These reports are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in how new technologies and market opportunities can be developed within the Northern Ireland economy and beyond.

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This is a partnership virtual event between Startacus and Matrix.

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