10 Mar 20:00

What’s Next For Tech?

About this Event
Big tech and the WFH themes won big in 2020 and look set to endure as lockdowns and restrictions extend. But with growing regulatory risks to the FAANGS – and fears of a bubble – what are the next frontiers for tech disruption?

Who you'll hear from:
Amanda Lyons - Prior to joining GAM Investments in November 2011, she was founder and director of Papture, a web-based entertainment company. Prior to this, she was at New Star Asset Management for five years where she began her career as an investment analyst before becoming an investment manager in 2007 managing a Japanese fund. Amanda Lyons holds an MA in Economics and Management from Oxford University and the Investment Management Certificate. She is based in London.
Moderated by Finimize.
6:00 pm - Join Zoom & Introductions, Begin Topic Discussion
6.15 pm - Audience Q&A
6:30 pm - End
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