21 Jan 14:00

Israeli Hacker in Tokyo: can you pass the coding test?

Hear the fascinating experience of an Israeli white hacker who started a cybersecurity company. Can you pass his coding test?
About this Event
In this unique event, participants will get to hear the fascinating experience of an ethical Israeli hacker, former member of the prestigious 8200 IDF unit, who started a cybersecurity start-up. This highly experienced cybersecurity specialist, after hearing about the recent series of cyber attacks on Japanese companies, decided to rise to the challenge and make Japan a safer place by creating a cybersecurity service that caters to Japanese corporations needs.

1. "'Kraking' the System- How I use my ethical hacking skills to keep Japan safe"- By Gonen Krak
2. Coding test- can you crack the hacker's test?
3. Panel Discussion + Q&A