5 Nov 17:00

Teva Bio-Mix 2020

Join us for our annual 2020 BioInnovators competition where up-and-coming researchers will present their Bio-Ventures.
About this Event
It is our pleasure to invite you to the annual 2020 BioInnovators BIO-MIX event and competition on Thursday, November 5th, 17:00 - 19:30 IL time (10:00 EST).

The celebratory event will feature Israel's up-and-coming top researchers, that will compete presenting their innovative ventures. This is the culmination of a year-long effort to enhance young scientists’ innovation and business capabilities as part of the National Forum for Bioinnovators by Teva.


Dr. Steffen Nock, Head of Specialty R&D, Teva
Dr. Yael Marantz, Head of Non-Clinical Research and Head of Innovative R&D IL site

Dr. David Wilson, Head of Discovery, Teva, Redwood City
Dr. Christian Tidona, Founder and CEO, BioMed X Institute, Heidelberg
Gali Weinerman, EU Digital Health Partnerships Lead, Accenture, IL
Eran Toledo, CTO, Sanara Ventures, IL
Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Head Cancer Research and Nanomedicine Laboratory, Tel Aviv University

Jacob Eilon, Event Moderator
Prof. Yesha Sivan, CEO, i8 Ventures
Dr. Dana Bar-On, Head of Academic Affairs and Networks, R&D Teva
About the National BioInnovators Forum by Teva;

Teva launched this year the first class of a new forum for excellent Israeli PhD and post doc students that are interested in translational Life sciences and entrepreneurship in biosciences. The forum includes, this year, 28 top students from Tel Aviv university, Technion and Hebrew university.

The forum includes monthly meetings of the students that are dedicated for training and exposure to the Israeli bioecosystem including networking opportunities, field visits, hackathons and other events. Mentorship and consulting meeting (PIs and students will are invited) for scientific projects from leading experts in the Teva's R&D management in Israel and abroad in various aspects of preclinical, clinical, regulatory, legal and commercial aspects. The goal of the forum is mostly to contribute to the personal career development of these young scientists, create personal and scientific opportunities for collaboration and in general boost the Israeli bioecosystem by building a young generation of Bioinnovators. The forum is part of the vast activity of Teva with the academia globally and in Israel specifically. Building strong and strategic collaboration with leading academic labs to seed innovation and enhance Teva's future pipeline.