9 Jul 06:00 | ONLINE

TW hosts: The African Tech Vision


Join a discussion hosted by the “African Tech Vision Team” - a group of startup & venture capital enthusiasts that joined forces to empower African female technology entrepreneurs at scale! This idea was born from the desire to shine a spotlight on the enormous potential of the African female youth. THEIR DREAMS and HOPES for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE of the continent.

The African Tech Vision will INSPIRE young female Africans to dream big, help them CONNECT with successful female entrepreneurs/role models, and provide access to technology & entrepreneurial knowhow, commercial opportunities & funding needed to BUILD up scalable tech businesses. This ultimately allows them and future generations to prosper and live the AFRICAN DREAM.

The goal of the African Tech Vision is to build a highly effective entrepreneurial ecosystem for the next generation of purpose-driven female leaders in Africa. We are looking for developers and digital product designers who could help us to bring this vision alive. If you share our passion and want to contribute - these are the areas where we need support:

(1) [Help us conceptualize, test, validate and] Build a visionary digital
platform for the African Tech Vision

(2) Plan and execute multiple MVPs to test the hypothesis of our concept

(3) Help us launch a Website [to inform our audience about who we are and what we do]

Behind the idea stands a TEAM of African, European and American enthusiasts from various fields, be it venture capital, brand strategy and design, the non-profit sector, and former startup founders that share a passion for entrepreneurship and believe in the transformative power of building equal opportunities.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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