12 Jul 07:00 | ONLINE

CTO looking for join to a startup as a technical co-founder CTO

CTO looking for join to a startup as a technical co-founder CTO,


Technology professionals - who are looking to join a venture / who have an existing idea.

/ Web applications /blockchain technology / full stack developer

A two-part event, one-time technology people, and their entrepreneurial needs.

What are you looking for in a venture?

What are you looking for in an entrepreneur?

In the second event,
Marketing entrepreneurs CMO and Business Development entrepreneurs.
In the end a third meeting,
Shared to tech entrepreneurs and business development entrepreneurs
in order to find co-founders.

Finding a business partner is a very important task, and the best way to find the right business partner is to get to know them better.

* The event will take place online after registering at the following link
The event is limited to 20 people.

60 seconds for everyone
A presentation/video can be used.

- Introduce yourself
- And what are you looking for?