6 Jul 08:30 | ONLINE

Get a Tech Developer Job

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Trying to find the missing link between training and a Developer Job?

Lots of people spend time and money to get the training and then struggle to make the leap between learning the skills and getting the job.

We’ve been there and got it, so we’ve built the bridge to help. Join us we’ll be giving training on how to build the skills you need using web scraping as a starter, explaining employability and how the bridge can help you get where you want to be.

Our aim for you:

> We will build your coding and developer skills

> We will shape your CV building on what you are to make you attractive to your target employers

> We will market you and your CV through our extensive network of CTOs, CIOs, Devs and Recruiters

> We will give you access to powerful tracking tools to coordinate your marketing via MyCVTracker

> Access to Assessment tools so you can compare your skills to others (in a safe private assessment) and build the areas you need to

> Networking with our network of professionals

> Accountability for your employability efforts to drive you on each day and week

> Access to mock-interviews to build your interviewing techniques and confidence

Note-This is an online event,please share your email address so that we can share the details related to events.