1 Jul 06:00 | ONLINE

Training : Building High Performing Teams Remotely - Relationship Foundations

This session is a Community Training session.

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We took a lot for granted in pre-COVID times about team dynamics, ceremonies, and relationships in-and-across teams. Suddenly thrown in at the deep-end of remote-only work, do you find yourself:
- Struggling to maintain team and individual motivation?
- Noticing nuances of disconnection between team members?
- Having to re-contract how you all work together?Missing those impromptu chats that help deepen relationships?

Even when lockdown eases, remote working is here to stay - and building strong team relationships is a critical way to maintain high performance.

In this two-hour experiential workshop you will learn the foundations of how to intentionally take remote team relationships to the next level.

We will cover:
- Ways to be intentional in building stronger team alignment
- How to frame context to create a safe environment where people thrive together
- Creating space and structure for deeper conversations and better outcomes
- How relationships contribute to commitment and team motivation

You will walk away with a number of practical tools and skills, as well as insights into how to make the most of this disrupted time to be intentional about high performing relationships.

Now is the time to build your relationship competencies. This session is part of a series that we are taking into the community at a very competitive price. Spaces are limited so, please don’t miss the chance to invest in your development. NB: Although we utilise the technology, this session is not how to use video conference tools, but about developing your relationship-building skills.