31 May 19:00 | BINARYSTAR 株式会社...

The "I want to meet up" Tokyo FinTech Meetup

Having just held two super-interactive and highly educational meetups over the last week (March 11 and 19), we are going to take the Tokyo FinTech Meetup underground until the end of May 2020. There will be no public meetups during that time.

We realize there is a small group of people who still want to engage in person (although maybe not shake hands, hug, or drink from the same coffee cup), and if you are among them, please register yourself to this meetup.

We believe there will still be interesting visitors coming to Japan, as well as more than enough topics from our domestic community, and given the opportunity to host them, we will do so. Invites will only go to the community members registered to this meetup, so this respects the feelings of those who would like not to be bothered.

A simple solution, we believe.

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