13 Feb 18:30 | Product School ...

FREE: Loving Your Product: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly by fmr Google PM

Love is always great...or is it? Let’s get into how to make the best decisions for your product—especially when you or your customers have strong feelings about your product offering.

While this is directed especially toward product and project managers, there are many insights that apply for anyone on a cross-functional team.

Today we will cover:
- How loving your own product helps you—and how to pick the right product for your next venture.
- How loving your own product hurts you—and how to avoid those pitfalls.
- How customers loving your product helps...and also the challenges that presents in how to handle feedback!

You will leave with:
- An understanding of how to prioritize features while managing emotions — yours and others!
- Ability to better pick your product or area of focus so that you have a longer, more fulfilling relationship with your work.
- How to use empathy to bolster customer loyalty.

Meet the Speaker: Jocelyn Miller

Jocelyn is an experienced Product Manager and founder of her own coaching company. Jocelyn helps companies and individuals get to the next level through defining and achieving success. She focuses on helping people to reach personal and professional fulfillment through her career and life coaching program.