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Marketing Automation Simplified - Ofir Platner, Oracle

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Marketing Automation Simplified by Ofir Platner


Ofir Platner - Oracle Marketing Cloud Solution Engineer.

Ofir is an expert in Digital Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, and Analytics. He serves as a digital marketing consultant, educating clients and partners on digital strategy and technology and lead a data 1st business approach . Ofir is also a key note speaker in leading Marketing conferences, both locally and internationally.


Marketing Automation technology became highly accessible in recent years, so that any brand at any scale can quickly start and leverage its capabilities. Marketers are using the power of marketing automation to refine, target, and optimize program initiatives, including customizing content and automating communications and improve their knowledge of buyer behavior.

But what does it actually mean running a marketing automation operation? How is it different from CRM and email marketing? What are its key features and how can I apply them for my business?

In this session, I'll lay down the basics of marketing Automation, review real-life use cases for both B2B and B2C brands and discuss current trends and future innovations.