10 Nov 10:30 | Avalon Penthous...

Angels & Founders Sunday Brunch (potluck style)

Let's face it the startup journey can be LONELY and building tribe while juggling all the challenges of running a company can be TOUGH.

My angels and I recognize this and we are hosting a regular monthly meetup potluck at the comfy penthouse suite of Avalon Mission Bay where founders bring their tired selves and meet our angels and fellow founders over time in a laid back setting.

I’ll carve out 15-30 minutes and teach A) My expertise = go to market strategies in B2B sales and B) advice on fundraising based on my experience with working with Super Angels & VCs in the Valley

The 2nd half of the event we will play a game called “scout” where we spend time getting to know each other…and the most confident 3 “scouts” nominate a founder to share their idea.

The rest of the time is to have a place to play pool, drink/eat, and get to know each other.

My MISSION: Is to empower Entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. I do this by sharing my expertise and advising founders on all things sales and investing and sharing your pitch and seed/series A round to my community of angels, super angels, and VCs.