2 Oct 19:00 | Rias GT Manteuf...

Find Your Co-Founder: Networking and Drinks

We are Airfoli a networking and discovery service with the mission to create a better networking experience with more valuable contacts.
JOIN our weekly meetup for start-ups and co-founders looking to start a team and build their network. We welcome developers, engineers, attorneys, bloggers, co-founders, and investors, and anyone else who has an interest in founding a startup.

Why another meetup? We find it sometimes hard to connect and mingle if events are not curated and just leave it all up to you.
We follow the old tradition of the famous Berlin salons where the host would create a communicative and personal atmosphere.
It's free to attend and all our services are free.
We offer pre-event matchmaking, on-location introduction & post-event matchmaking and getting a free portfolio.

As a location we offer our beloved Rias Bar, in the heart of Kreuzberg - famous for its atmosphere and extremely good beverages :) http://www.riasbar.de/

Cheers and happy networking!